Frequently Asked Questions
Who's Cleaning My Home
All-Choice Cleaning will send the same employees each time in order to establish relationships. 
Are You Insured 
It is All-Choice's goal to treat your home/office with great care. We will try to repair or if un-repairable file the appropriate insurance claim.
All-Choice's schedule generally is from 8-5 pm Mon-Fri. Times may vary due to transportation. Your home/office will always receive the required cleaning.
How Long Does It Take
Times will depend upon what has to be done and the condition of your home/office.

*Home Example : 3brm/2bath 

  Type: Basic - 2 - 2 1/2 hrs.
             General - 2/1/2 hrs. - 3 hrs.
             Detail -    3 - 4 hrs.
 * Office/Commercial locations will vary
Utilities Off  
If utilities are off a $50.00 inconvenience charge will be added and additional fees if you re-schedule.
Moving Fees
If you are moving the same day as cleaning a $100.00 fee for residential will apply. For offices/commercial locations the fee will be higher.
The supplies will be covered at the time of the estimate.
(Specific or requested supplies) Supplies & equipment furnished by All-Choice are extra.
Remove all pets if possible from operational area(s) for safety.
All-Choice will not clean pet or human feces, urine or blood.
Contracts are available (mainly office & commercial)
Cash, Check or Credit Card with proper ID at completion of day's work or unless authorized by
All-Choice management.
All-Choice has a 100% guarantee. Notification of dissatisfaction must be made in a 24 hr. period and we will correct the problem. 
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